Creases music video out now!

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The official music video for track 2 on Holes In Our Stories. Directed by Brian Petchers.

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Written and performed by Dylan Owen
Produced by Skinny Atlas
Music by Skinny Atlas and Dylan Owen
Electric guitar played by Devin Arne
Live bass played by Nate Sander
Violin played by Gabe Valle
Background vocals by Andrew Arne, Conor Burnett, Andrew Laskaris, Beth Oldis, Chelsea Wertheim, Regina Zaremba
Recorded at Stand Up Sound by Ernesto Valenzuela
Additional recording in Dylan’s apartment
Mixed by Billy Centenaro
Mastered by Chris Gehringer

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Spotify — Creases

Inspired by the way that no one can hide from getting older and our tendency to start at the beginning of the end.

Edited by Brian Petchers and Adam Boese.
Filmed in multiple nowhere towns from my childhood: Goshen, Circleville, Chester, and Pine Bush, New York.

Comment on the video with the place that comes to mind for you when you hear the words 'nowhere town’ and see where everyone is listening.

Special thanks to Skinny Atlas.

Behind the Scenes

Here’s how creating this video went down. We had filmed Break Some Ice a few months beforehand, and the tracks on the album were starting to come together one by one. Director Brian and I spoke about how we wanted to have a range of imagery weaving throughout the visuals of Holes In Our Stories for the rest of the videos — without overlooking any season, location, color, or sense of physical place that exists on the album. Shooting in my hometown felt naturally fitting, as it always does for the backdrop of my music, and I thought of a few key places that, in my mind, are the epitome of the hometown imagery that inspired me when I first discovered music (and continue to today): overgrown, dusty railroad tracks; overpasses laced with graffiti; the green grass, autumn leaves, shrubs and weeds that don’t exist in new york city; and the drive-in movie theater in Middletown, NY where I went as a kid and in recent years to jog my nostalgia.

That movie theater doesn’t seem to be abandoned now, as I’ve said in other posts online, but it was dead and empty on the day we went. All of the screens appeared ripped, the lot looked vacant — there’s an ongoing metaphor throughout Holes In Our Stories on multiple songs that talks about how our lives aren’t as picture-perfect as the movies we once hoped to someday experience. A drive-in theater that had its moment somewhere in a past life is the most fitting setting I could possibly imagine to represent that.

We shot both this video and the A Quarter Century video in one day, in a mad dash where Brian, Skinny Atlas, and I hustled around the 845 in upstate New York and jumped from location to location, keeping everything frantically organized in our heads. We drove from Pine Bush, to Circleville, through Middletown, to Goshen, to Chester…and we eventually felt like we had the moments we needed as the sun started to set and I did the final performance scene of Creases while standing on top of my older brother’s car with a graffiti-covered railroad trestle in the background. There’s a certain stillness that feels unique to the area I grew up in, but maybe everybody feels that way about the place that raised them. Where I’m from, you can drive around with two music videos to shoot and an insanely packed schedule…and still feel like you’re floating through the calmness of the dead of night, with no road signs, with nothing to do tomorrow. I felt that way while we filmed Creases.

A Quarter Century would end up being the final video I’d ever shoot in my old childhood house.

You may recognize that some stills from Creases got used in the Revive the Great Adventure book — the back cover of the book, for example, is a portrait of me in the field in front of the drive-in theater (shown below), and we used portraits from that day throughout the interior of the book. You’ll also recognize this same main image if you’ve ever read through the PDF album guide (if not, here you go).

For example:

revive the great adventure back cover 1.jpg

Once we finished filming, we edited over the course of a few months, calling in my talented hometown friend Adam Boese, who works in film, to help polish up the edit when things started to get busy between all of the videos we have been juggling for the album. We experimented with having a ton of the reverse shots that enter at the end scattered throughout the whole video, but ultimately landed on a simple approach that focuses on the right imagery for the song, a variety of ‘nowhere town’ locations, and one good final moment for “let’s begin.”

The last frame is supposed to give the impression that the video is starting all over again, like my life is at the current moment.

There are a few videos left for Holes In Our Stories songs which I’ll be sharing more info about in the coming weeks. You also may have seen me posting lately about working on new music. I’ve been in the studio going hard. I think I’ll be able to start sharing the next chapter before you know it.

In the meantime — hope you like Creases.
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