Handwritten Lyrics Project.

I just wrapped up writing out 13 lyric sheets by hand — let’s go! All of these packages are officially in the mail on their way to you. Procrastinated too long on doing this, plus I went out on tour dates almost every week, plus I spilled burning hot coffee all over my laptop and lost quite a bit of my files (still up in the air how that saga ends).

The idea behind this handwritten lyrics project was to award winners of an instagram contest I did, here, for spreading the word about Holes In Our Stories and my music in general. From the beginning, from my bedroom to where we are along the way now, my music has spread entirely through word of mouth. You are the good people who listen to it and believe in it, and that’s what has made this possible every step of the way.

I had a lot of fun doing this project. Spent memorial day weekend trying to make it something as unique as possible, so I included surprises in every package — included photos of my grandpa (from the original newspaper article I used to make the album art) for those who chose to have Mourn written out, included a polaroid snapshot of my present life in NYC with some scattered lyric quotes on it for others, and wherever I could, I threw in pieces of the original Holes In Our Stories album artwork print & cutouts (as in the lyrics you see behind my eyes on the cover — yes, I made that by hand!).

For those who receive these, hope you keep them in good shape somewhere cool and hope that I can see some pictures.

We’ll do this again sometime.
Much love to everyone who spreads the music on and off social media.
I may not know you but it means the world and it moves my world forward.