The Only Living Boy in NY. New freestyle!

New video. The Only Living Boy in NY verse. I’ve sat on this verse for a while, trying to fit it into songs here and there, until eventually landing on loving it as an acapella just like this. Might make it into a song eventually.

Living in the city and facing what it means to be truly independent, both in a personal sense and in the sense of my music, has taught me a lot. They say New York changes you. Does wherever you live turn you into someone different than your hometown originally intended?

Hope you like the video. A lot more like this coming. Don’t want to keep you waiting for The Album much longer.

Directed by Brian Petchers, as usual. Shot in the freezing cold in the lower east side, NYC.


It’s downpouring
Bad thinking
On our porches
And glass ceilings
We all have issues
How come it’s
That I’m the last living boy here in New York and I’m proud of it
Paramount fears here to tear us down
Shouldn’t plan it out, damaged now, damnit, how could he
The copper train bandits and abandoned house rookies
I was cutting finger holes in my hand me down hoodies
Trying to feel something real
Something here
Something relevant
My fingertips grow cold, I give em hell again
No a-team man I’m the
Safe sea sailor stuck
No break beat battler,
No JD Salinger
No scraped clean calendar
The same grey jean Main Street traveler who’s stuck waist deep down like the
Tragic heroes that they all sold us
Watching TV with my mom from the floor of our dark ocean
Start over, heartbroken
Part old soul whispering with city park old soldiers
Part winter frozen
Trying to find footing where the road slips
Part throwing roses
Part held by clothespins
Part perfect family, part broken home kid
I don’t call for help these days nobody notices
Part eagle scout, part hopeless
I’m trying to part ways with the parts of me it’s hard to be alone with
Cuz it’s hard being alone when you’re the only living boy in New York.