Huge announcement: Holes In Our Stories drops March 1st. Official album trailer is here and you can preorder the album now.

You can preorder & Spotify/Apple pre-save the album, and read the opening foreword, on holesinourstories.com. That’s a new site we built to be the homebase for Holes In Our Stories over the lifetime of this album and to make it easy to preorder and pre-save.

This album marks my first time on vinyl. Marks my first time publishing a book to go with an album (and ever in my life). Marks by a long shot the most thought-out the process of putting an album together and releasing one has ever been for me, from the metaphors throughout it connecting, to the imagery used in every video and the official album artwork having as much meaning and personal symbolism as I could possibly imagine.

You can view all of the new album merchandise and preorder everything on dylanowenmusic.com/merch, and I’ll ship it to you right around release day. I’m going to drive the post office workers nuts just like I did with there’s more to life…so, let’s give em hell. If you’ve been following along the last few years, you know I’ve been working on all of this stuff for forever now. Worked crazy hard on the merch items to make it possible to have pieces available that mean a lot to me, and that I know will give this album the perfect picture in your mind.

I want to give a quick thank you to everyone who helped make the merch possible: Tom Flynn, Fake Four Inc., Regina Zaremba, Brian Petchers, Pat Capriglione, my friends for posing in the new Holes In Our Stories collection hoodies and shirts, and my mom and grandma for doing the lighting behind the scenes in our living room (not kidding). I’ll probably do a separate post exclusively about the clothing at some point later on. If you have any merch ideas you’d like but don’t see, let me know and I will try to add them over the next couple months.

Here’s the official tracklisting of the album:

  1. Break Some Ice

  2. Creases

  3. Garden of the Ashes (GOTA II)

  4. Mourn (feat. Chanele McGuinness & Regina Zaremba)

  5. Neighborhood Saints (feat. Louka)

  6. A Quarter Century

  7. Fingerprints

  8. Andrew Rose

  9. Wrinkles (feat. Regina Zaremba)

  10. The Only Torn-Up Boy in New York

  11. Bones and Ribs (feat. Aidan Cooper)

  12. Ending Credits

  13. Holes In Our Stories

In the meantime, as we get ready for March 1st, there’s going to be a lot happening: I’ll be releasing a new video almost every single week, with all sorts of things, there’s a new single coming in January (the song “Fingerprints”), and I’m actually working on booking a tour behind the scenes to perform in some cities I have not made it to yet.

So there’s hopefully a lot to look forward to. I feel like I suddenly have a million announcements to make. I’ll also be in and out of the studio of course, as always, working on more music for the future so that this excitement can be nonstop from now on.

my first time on vinyl. real life?

my first time on vinyl. real life?

Here’s how you can help with the album:

  1. Click ‘pre-save’ on Spotify or Apple Music, whatever you prefer to use, at this link: https://ffm.to/holesinourstories That makes sure it notifies you on release day.

  2. Preorder a hardcopy on vinyl or CD, or grab a book, shirt, or hoodie, so I have something sweet to send you in March: dylanowenmusic.com/merch

  3. Get pumped for “Fingerprints” coming in January!!! I’ll probably have a 2nd pre-save link for this song. We’ve gotta get really hyped about it, and spread the word massively about that single once it drops to make sure everyone hears it. And by everyone…I mean everybody in the entire world.

  4. Wear one of the DO wristbands out and about and let everybody know what it is when they ask. I wear “holes in our stories” and my kyfc one 24/7.

    Much love to all of you who read this blog and who are excited about the album. My first full-length since 2010. You know we’ve gotta do it big.