I'll grow my hair out, and I won't cut my album short | ghostwrite freestyle

People ask me why I’d make a full length album nowadays. Here’s what I have to say:


When I wake up the morning and I feel like I’ve been sleeping for like most of my adult life

All I really do in my music is talk about my ghosts and demons I don’t need Quentin Miller for me to ghost write

I always told myself I’d get over you and move on

But now that I didn’t

Nothing is ever as monumental

As everything once was

When I finally got down

To the bottom of everything

There and was buried in the bare minimum plot twist

The plot thickens

And finally I can stop thinking

Of you.

And then my heart sinks with no ropes to roam home

And then the dark brings my old soul in so close

And then I start thinking I should talk slow cuz it’s a long road

And all I need is 3:16s to do you Stone Cold

All I need is

An empty parking lot metropolis

And a pair of broken headphones that I’ve been rocking with

A couple friends to back me up — you know how bad my posture is

This is how you make a career, you damn hobbyists

Everybody’s asking “Dylan, what’d you make an album for?”

Thirteen tracks, man that’s thirteen tracks too long

I’ll grow my hair out and I won’t cut my album short

Show me one soundcloud rapper I can’t outperform

I would never let my twenties end without a roar

That’s what I made this album for.

Shoutout to Colton Williams who is insanely talented and filmed this in my apartment on a hot summer day in NYC. Shoutout to Nate Sander who you hear on the trumpet and Gabe Valle who you hear on the acoustic guitar. These guys are going to be touring with me in the spring time once Holes In Our Stories drops! March 1st…it all starts.