Meetups and shows in Minneapolis + Chicago

I’ll be flying to Minneapolis Minnesota and Chicago Illinois to perform in both cities for the first time this weekend! My first time stepping foot in Minneapolis, too. At these shows, I’ll be opening for the talented underground veteran, and good friend of mine, Ceschi.

Here are ticket links to both shows:

If you live in Minnesota or Illinois, I would love for you to make it to these.

Because it’s my first time performing in both cities, I wanted to make this trip super memorable and get to know some people in these areas, so I’m going to host meetups in Minneapolis and Chicago as well. These will be free and open to anyone. We’ll hang out. Talk. Get some coffee. And get to know each other.

DM for exact location and time of the meetups.

The meetup in Minneapolis will be Saturday 4/13 (a few hours before the show)
The meetup in Chicago will be Monday 4/15 (day after the show)

Excited to get out there a little bit. much love!

Dylan Owen