Los Angeles Show

My trip out to Los Angeles...one for the ages. Saw some old friends, met some new ones. Some people came out rocking the new album merch and some people knew all of the lyrics, got a lot of beautiful signatures in my tour book, tried some real deal mexican food, experienced what it's like to wake up with the sun in the morning (and to sit in LA traffic for way too long while listening to Frank Sinatra), and got to hop on stage with my older brother for the first time in about a decade. I learned about rental cars and red eye flights and hotel room coffee. LA, that show was sick, and I want to come back. Traveling is giving me a lot of inspiration so far.

Thanks everybody for making this a special tour date.

Recap video shot and edited by Tanner J. Kent.

Dylan Owen Meetup
Dylan Owen Tour Book
Dylan Owen
Dylan Owen Spencer Peyton List

A slideshow with a bunch of photos from the meetup and the show: