Fingerprints video.

The Fingerprints music video is out now.
Watch here:

Glad to finally have this out in the world. For anybody trying to move on, sometimes that process can take a lifetime. It’s easy to not be open about that, but I think a lot of people actually know the exact feeling I mean. And that’s what this song is about.

With this video, directed by my man Brian Petchers, we set out with a simple goal: capture the spirit and emotional setting of the song. To me, the song takes place in a forgotten small town in the autumn. The seasons of life are changing, and I’m slowly figuring out that it’s way past due being time to move on. I pack up my guitar like a traveler and head off into my future life, leaving behind a relationship that ended too soon…and therefore felt like a crime to me. Let me know how you think we did with the setting. To me, with the live band (shoutout to Gabe, Andres, and Josh…and also Tommy Mack and Regina who helped with executing the video and decorations), the wind through the streets & the leaves, and even the look of the houses in this neighborhood, I feel like we nailed exactly what I picture in my head when I think about my lyrics. Thanks to Wood Ridge, NJ for giving us a good palette to paint with. It’s also my first time really playing guitar while rapping in a video. So hope you dig that.

Fingerprints is the third single I released from Holes In Our Stories. Add it to your playlists and listen on Spotify here.

Hope you love Fingerprints. If you do, show it some love and spread the word to a friend.

Much love

Dylan Owen Fingerprints