Nowhere Kid merch

Now introducing a new line of merchandise…

Built around the words “nowhere kid from a nowhere town” from the song creases. The music video drops this monday, aug. 19th, so I made this merchandise to celebrate and release on the same day.

new shirts and hoodies. they read:
"nowhere kid from a nowhere town
merchandise for soul searchers
& grave diggers & suicide kids
designed and made by dylan owen and his friends
this shirt looks better with creases"

the shirts are available in cardinal red and black. the hoodies are ash gray.
preorder any item and get a secret early link to watch creases.
hope you all rock these items proudly.
I am proud of how they came out.

And the saying on the merch is the honest truth:
this merchandise, and this music, is made by me and my friends.
personal stories that I am glad you relate to.
it has spread entirely through word of mouth, and I have you to thank for that.
I’m glad you relate.
nowhere kid designs by a great old friend of mine, Tom Flynn.